Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Sun shines on Schwartz

The first review of BERMUDA SCHWARTZ is in (aside from the good ones in Publisher's Weekly, Booklist and Kirkus.) Writing in the Baltimore Sun, the goddess of mystery reviewers, Sarah Weinman says: "Comic crime novels are exceedingly difficult to pull off, especially as the inevitable Leonard/Hiaasen comparisons set up expectations that disappoint -- and that's before reader tastes about humor kick in. But Morris gets things very right in his third novel, which marks the return of football hero-turned-adventurer Zach Chasteen."

You can read the whole review by going back and clicking on the Baltimore Sun thingie. And I know it's wrong for authors to grovel and suck-up to reviewers by calling them goddesses and such, but Sarah is, after all, brilliant, and I, after all, am shameless.

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