Wednesday, August 06, 2008


A major departure from the previous covers, huh? None of the bright colors and tropical flare. This one is dark, dark, dark...

And, oh yeah, the title. Another major departure. No puns.

Yes, this one started off as SHIP HAPPENS. But I never really thought that would float. So to speak. I batted around titles for months with my editor, Marc Resnick, and agent, Joe Veltre. My head explodes just thinking about it.

So go ahead and say it: Bob, that sounds like the title of a Travis McGee book.

Yeah, it does, doesn't it? A LONELY SILVER RAIN comes immediately to mind. Consider it an homage. After all, my wife and I named our younger son, Dashiell MacDonald Morris, after John D and Mr. Hammett. So I might as well offer a little nod in a title, too. Besides, if my pal Paul Levine can get away with THE DEEP BLUE ALIBI (echoic of MacDonald's THE DEEP BLUE GOODBYE) then I can trot out A DEADLY SILVER SEA.

What's important, of course, is that the story be worthy of the comparison. In my not-so humble opinion, it is. The best one yet. And I'll soon be posting the first few chapters so you can decide for yourself.

Beyond that, mark your calendars: Publication date is December 9.

Far be it from me to mention that A DEADLY SILVER SEA would make a wonderful Christmas gift.