Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So what happened was: I made deviled eggs on Easter but they turned out a tad too runny. Kinda like egg-salad soup. On account of I put a bit too much sweet pickle juice in the mix and maybe a tad too much sour cream, too.

So how do you fix that? Adding flour would be unspeakable. Didn't have any bread crumbs. What kind of thickener could save the moment?

Then I remembered the bag of pork rinds that I'd bought a couple of days earlier on a road trip back from Gainesville. They were still nice and crispy. Heck, pork rinds stay nice and crispy almost forever.

What if ...

So I made pork rind flour. Took a bunch of them, tossed them in my coffee grinder -- along with a little coffee dust -- and then added the somewhat gooey result to the eggs. Problem solved. The pork rind flour sucked up the extra liquid and the deviled eggs took on a smoky, meaty character that gave them real stand-up-and-salute substance. In other words: deviled eggs that were even deadlier than the normal deviled eggs, two-bite cardiac bombs.

I put a tray of them out for my luvverly wife to sample and asked if she could i.d. the secret ingredient. She ate two of them before I told her, and then she ate another. So I would judge them a raging success.

Now I'm thinking what else would benefit from the goodness of pork rind flour? Pancakes perhaps?