Thursday, May 24, 2012


Recently visited a tropical island where I did all the good things that one should do on a tropical island: I walked and walked and walked; I swam and swam and swam; I ate and ate and ate; and yeah, I had myself a couple of tropical-island drinks, too.

Let's turn this into a contest. First person to identify this tropical island wins a free copy of BAJA FLORIDA. Or the e-book of your choice.

So let the guesses begin...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Carnivore's Defense

A recent story in the New York Times asked if any of us who call ourselves carnivores could offer an ethical defense for eating meat. Here’s mine:

As human beings, each of us has an ethical duty to help guarantee that our seven-billion member tribe retains a toehold on this planet. Just as we wouldn’t stop ingesting oxygen because it makes us emit carbon dioxide, nor should we stop eating meat because it makes us harvest lower life forms. Eating meat, for better or worse, got us to where we are today. With judicious application, it will help insure our ongoing survival. To wholly castigate the consumption of meat is to mark our kind, if not for extermination, then at least, in the short run, with less favorable odds for enduring. Where is the ethos in that?