Monday, February 26, 2007

The Dark 'n Stormy Tour, Stop #6 -- New York City

I didn't count heads at Partners & Crime, but here's a way to guesstimate the crowd: We went through five bottles of rum and a case-and-a-half of ginger beer. If you'd like to check out some professional shots of the event, go to Mary Regan's Web site(that's her with the camera.)

Some pals from my long-ago days at the Fort Myers News-Press showed up (Jim Pratt; of the New York Post; Stelvis Dougherty, People magazine and Barack Obama biographer; Frazier Moore, television writer for the AP; and Myra Forsberg, the New York Times) as did my awesome editor Marc Resnick, Partners & Crime co-owner Kiz Reeves and my awesome agent Joe Veltre. Also on hand was Sally Richardson, president and publisher of St. Martin's Press, who managed to keep her Dark 'n Stormy away from Marc Resnick long enough to raise a toast.

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