Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CAUTION: Writer at Work

For the last few weeks our Story Farm crew has been been [happily] laboring away on a cookbook for John Rivers, of 4Rivers Smokehouse fame.

At a recent photo shoot, when not capturing brilliant images of brisket and cornbread salad and chocolate bread pudding with bacon on top (killer!), photographer Diana Zalucky found me scribbling away in my notepad and asked me to hold it up for the camera. Someone quipped that it looked like the blackboard after Russell Crowe got finished with it in "A Brilliant Mind." I won't go so far as to say that my notes are a brilliant mess -- they're just a plain ol' mess.

But with luck, the photos, the stories and John Rivers' brilliant cooking will all come together over the next few months so we can trot everything out for public consumption in August 2013. Working title: "SOUTHERN COWBOY: The John Rivers Cookbook." But we're still playing around with that. Stay tuned...