Friday, September 30, 2011


Head for Little Havana. Go to almost any walk-up window attached to a grocery store or, my favorite, a laundromat. Order a cortadito (60 cents) and one of the bulk cigars they keep in bags by the window. I like the El Barselo torpedo ($1.05). Tell the lady at the window to keep the change. For that money you get a caffeine buzz that will last all morning and a good hour's worth of smoking on the cigar. This explains why Starbucks has not made giant inroads in Little Havana. Thanks, Fidel, for sending the very best of Cuban culture our way.


Mo in Miami said...

Got you beat, Bob. At the walk-up joint I go to, I can get a 50-cent colada, and a 60-cent cigar. I tip the lady a quarter and can still buy another colada. Although that would make me bounce off the walls.

Bob Morris said...

If you wanna go whole-hog, so to speak, you can get a $3 roasted pork sandwich. That still brings the whole enterprise to less than five bucks. Is this a great country or what?