Monday, November 20, 2006

A Toast to RJ....

Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving around our house without the traditional drinking of Old Fashioneds. I'm not sure exactly how the tradition began, but my father, R.J., started it. R.J. was a devoted bourbon man. Evan Williams and Sprite, that was his drink. So I suppose that an Old Fashioned, being a supreme vehicle for bourbon, was just a way to fancify things on Thanksgiving.

All I know is that a couple of Old Fashioneds, taken around noon on Thanksgiving, will help the rest of the day unfold in a splendid manner. R.J. passed away five years ago this coming March, but we will toast him on Thursday. And here's the recipe so you can do your own toasting:

(makes one)

2 teaspoons sugar
2 dashes of bitters
2 oz bourbon
2 oz club soda
slice of orange

Put sugar in bottom of a short cocktail glass and douse it with bitters. Pour in bourbon and muddle. Add club soda. Fill glass with crushed ice and joogle it around some to make sure the sugar is fully dissolved. Garnish with orange. This will help you tolerate relatives who are otherwise intolerable.


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love any recipe with the word 'joogle' in it. I prefer to add to a cherry as well. Perhaps that is part of the Northern recipe? Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

billinbossier said...

Your Dad must have been quite a man. I am a bourban man myself, and can hardly wait to get home and have one (three).

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

I'm thinking this recipe would help me get thru the holidays with my future "out-laws"??

Can't wait to read Bermuda Schwartz

Bob Morris said...

Yo Rusty

What are you trying to say? That the thought of spending time with Debbie and me drives you to hard liquor?

Double-up on the bourbon, mon...