Thursday, November 16, 2006

Show Me the Love

No sooner had I posted my little rant below ("I'm Not Bitching. Really. I'm Not.") than Marc Resnick, my editor at St. Martin's, forwarded me this review of BERMUDA SCHWARTZ:
"One spends a lot of time laughing when reading one of Morris's books. Zach and Boggy need to transplant 8 enormous palm trees to an estate in Bermuda and they get involved in the murders of divers looking for historic relics in shipwrecks. Money laundering and the illegal sale of found treasures add to the mystery. The characters are not only fun but described in a way that makes them seem real. If you haven't read a Zach Chasteen mystery, you need to start now!"
Those kind words come from Susan Wasson, of Bookworks, a fine indy bookstore in Albuquerque, NM. What makes them even more meaningful is that they were posted on the Booksense Picks site, run by the American Booksellers Association. The ABA offers a list of Booksense Picks each month, which goes a long way toward getting those books a little extra attention around the country.

I'm lucky. BAHAMARAMA and JAMAICA ME DEAD were both Booksense Picks when they came out. I've probably already jinxed it by even mentioning it, but here's hoping the same good luck holds forth for BERMUDA SCHWARTZ.

And Susan Wasson, if I'm ever in Albuquerque, the rum is on me...

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upintheairandlovingit said...

You are up so early writing your blog.Doesn't it hurt?