Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tag, I'm it ...

My (otherwise) friend and fellow Florida mystery author Kris Montee(she's one half of the dazzling sister writing team known as PJ Parrish) has been ragging on me for not posting here in the last coupla weeks.

So she has tagged me. What this means is that I have to share five statements about myself, one of which is a lie. And whoever is the first to guess the lie wins something. In this case, it will be a signed paperback of JAMAICA ME DEAD since BERMUDA SCHWARTZ won't be out until February. I also have to pass the tag along to two other people.

So, rather than finishing the chapter of the next book (I can't talk about it yet), I am actually playing along with this because I'm afraid if I don't then it will send bad ju-ju my way. And the last thing I need now is more bad ju-ju. So here goes:

1. I was paralyzed from head to toe when I was 15 years old.

2. I was once invited onstage by Jimmy Buffett to sing a song I wrote.

3. I once had an aerial combat duel with Randy Wayne White in fighter jets.

4. I was voted "Wittiest" by the Class of 1969 at Leesburg High School.

5. My way-back grandfather, Robert James Morris, signed the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

The small print: You cannot win this contest if 1.) You are Detective Randy Nutt who won the last contest 2.) You won rum from me in previous contests 3.) Any other reason that I make up as I see fit.

And, now that this is done, I tag Paul Levine and NM Kelby. Sorry, y'all


Anonymous said...

I'll go for "wittiest" in high school. Maybe because my high school would say "coolest", or "most likely to bogart that joint".

I can picture ol' Randy Wayne getting some hotshots to take you two up... or, at least, I hope that's what happened. Barf bags or not.

Jude Hardin said...

I'll guess #2. That COULDN'T have happened to both of us. :)

Anonymous said...

If the bottle of rum I won is 'no longer with us' does that still count me out of the running?

Bob Morris said...

OK, I'm ready to end this thing and move on to something else much more interesting -- like the cover for BERMUDA SCHWARTZ.

So the winner is... the first one to the party, J. Carson Black. There actually was a "Wittiest" category in our senior superlatives at dear ol' LHS, but damn if I can remember who won it. I, for the record, was chosen "Most Popular," which I have always used on my resume in the years since.

Anonymous said...

I'll go for #3