Saturday, February 06, 2010

Get Ready for FRITTERFEST!

If you are reading this, then consider it your official invitation to FRITTERFEST, aka the publication party for my new book, BAJA FLORIDA. Here are the deets:

1-4 p.m.
333 S. Park Ave.
Winter Park

I'm buying 20 pounds of conch meat, which by my recipe should translate into about 800 conch fritters once it is mixed with 40 cups of flour, 40 eggs, lots of green peppers and onions, two dozen limes, a healthy splashing of hot sauce and more salt than is probably good for us. And it all gets fried in yummy healthful peanut oil (I'd use lard, the goodness of which is indisputable, but one must draw the line somewhere, mustn't one?)

You can dip the fritters in the Secret Sauce, which is secret only because I make it different every time and can never remember exactly what I put in it the last time. First come, first served. There will be beer, wine and other good stuff from the Palmano's menu. And who knows? There might be a bottle or two of good rum tucked away somewhere... ask and ye might be rewarded.

The primary obstacle: Finding the time to beat 20 pounds of conch meat into tender submission. It's a mighty task and not one to be undertaken with a fear of crushed knuckles. But that's for me to worry about, not you.

So drop by, say hello, buy BAJA FLORIDA if you so desire (my other books will be available, too) and stick some fritters in your face.


turkscaicosforsale said...

We eat the fritters until we are sick here in TCI.

Bob Morris said...

Well, that's because you have your own conch farm on Provo. Wish we had one here in Florida or else I wouldn't have to pay $16 a pound for conch meat.


sounds good...would love to come. i haven't seen you since 1969, graduation.maybe i'll see you there.

Jimmy Gordon said...

Damn, I live way too far from Florida!

Anonymous said...

Could you do me a favor and let some of the restaurants down here know they should pound the conch first? Any recommendations for good fritters in SW FL?

Ranger Mike

Bob Morris said...

Mike, I can't remember for sure, but doesn't Lazy Flamingo have decent fritters? In any event, yeah, ya gotta pound dat conch, mon...

Anonymous said...

Conch is OK but give me stone crab any day. I overnight it to Connecticut. I am a Maitland "girl", a Nole, and ex tennis player from Winter Park High who used Rollins' courts all of the time. I live in CT and miss those times horribly. Maybe some day I'll be back and can make one of your book tours. Randy Wayne is one of my favorite, have read every book and love to find new writers who bring me back to Florida. I'll get the rest of yours!

paultard said...

Is this going to happen in 2011 or did it already happen?
Mr. Morris, you are a very confusing man.

Bob Morris said...

Sorry "paultard" but that was in 2010. I've been slack in my postings. Way slack. But this has encouraged me to put up something fresh and new...stay tuned.